A Sad Girl

A sad girl sits on a chair in the middle of the room.

A party rages around her.

Her gloomy blue eyes,

Stare at the floor

As her silky black hair droops

Over her bowed head.

Yellow dress,

Pearl necklace,

Diamond in her ears,

Small hands fidgeting in her lap.

I walk through the madness.

The crowds seems to part as I walk.

She looks up as I stand in front of her,

A small smile touches her lips.

Sadness reflects in her eyes.

What’s wrong, I ask.

I’m lost, she responds.

Where are you supposed to be?

I’m supposed to be dead.

Why do you say that?

Because I am.

I stare in astonishment,

That smile never leaves her lips.

It is the filled with




It is heartbreaking.

She slowly stands and walks toward the glass doors.

Leading the he rooftop

The crowd parts as she walks,

As if she controls them.

Her hips sway to the music

I stand frozen in my spot.

I have a clear vision of her.

She looks over her shoulder,

As she leans on the railing.

That same smile reflects back.

Her blue eyes hypnotize me.

She leaps over the railing,

And off the rooftop.

Not giving it a second thought.

I stand there frozen.

Nobody seems to notice what just happened.

I stand there frozen.

Her sadness and despair

Is now encompassed

Inside myself.

I am no longer frozen.

I walk to the rooftop.

The breeze hits me as I

Walk out the door.

I peak over the edge.

Her blue eyes stare up at the sky,



She looks sad.

Maybe she still is.

I leap after her.

This time,

They notice.

3 thoughts on “A Sad Girl

  1. Wow, this poem takes sadness to a whole ‘nother level. And great how you made the eyes an important part in the middle and then brought it back at the end. You could see her blue eyes just looking up at you as she lies dead on the ground. Very vivid imagery.


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