The World Between

I open the door, and a small girl stands there.

I look down at her,

Coco skin,

Fluffy black hair,

Big, brown eyes,

Blue dress,

Hands fidgeting against each other.

She asks me my name,

I tell her.

She asks me if it’s true,

What the people say about me.

I say yes, and invite her in.

She slowly walks past me,


She sits on the carpet,

I don’t have furniture.

It’s just an empty room,

With us filling it.

After she finishes her glass of water,

She finally asks me the question.

She wants to talk to her grandmother.

She died last year.

I understand.

I ask for her name.

She tells me.

I sit across from her.


I close my eyes,

Sway my head to a nonexistent beat.

When I open my eyes,

I’m surrounded by darkness.

The girl is gone.

In the blackness, spirits float,

Past me, in the distance, everywhere.

Spirits, waiting for God,

To call their name.

To judge them for their sins.

They look like ghosts,

Blank faces,

Singular body.

Just floating.

They are all white.


It feels like I’m floating,

But I could still feel the ground.

One spirit is red.

In the distance.

I close my eyes,

Think about closing the distance.

When I open them,

The spirit is standing in front of me.

Her form transforms,

Into a young woman.

Coco skin,

Black hair,

Brown eyes.

She asks me why I never stay.

They always ask.

I always respond,

With the same answer.

It’s not my time.

She grabs my hand.

Closes her eyes

I close mine.

When we open them,

We are in the room.

The girl sitting there.

She goes to hug her grandma,

And slips right through her.

She’s still a spirit.

I walk away.

Let them catch up.

I close the room to my door,

Sit on my bed, head in my hands.

I wish I had someone,

To go back far.

To bring back,

Even if for an hour.

Instead, I’m just here.


And that’s all I’ll ever be.

Until I join them,

In the world between worlds.

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