The grass is soft, the moon full,

Illuminating our silhouettes

As we talk. Just talk.

But it feels like more.

Sharing my thoughts, fears,

Ambitions. Goals, agonies,

With her makes me feel complete. Whole.

Her laugh dances on the tip of her lips,

Her crisp, blue eyes seem to

Peer through my soul, into the abyss.

Her yellow dress, posing her as sunshine,

Lighting up the darkness,

Assisting the moon.

Her voice, dancing around in my ears,

Fluttering around in the air

Like a lost butterfly.

Her tongue frolicking in her mouth,

Dancing with her teeth,

I could drown in her beauty,

Relish in her forgiveness.

Encompass her compassion.

She sets her head on my shoulder,

Letting out a soft, sweet sigh.

This is what happiness feels like.

I am complete.


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