The moon illuminates the darkness in her room,

Slightly lighting up her face, as she

Sways her head to nonexistent music.

This is the life of a person giving up, she thinks.

This is the face of a person giving up.

She lightly chuckles to herself. It is soft

Against the despair hanging in the air

Her knees are tucked into her chest,

Arms folded over them. Where does she go

From here?

Her dark hair hangs over her head,

Fluffy and fizzled. She should be sleeping.

But sleeping seems impossible tonight.

It seems impossible many nights.

Her gleaming green eyes are filled with optimism,

Laughter, Joy. She wishes she could go back to being

That person. All that seemed to disappear as she got older.

Is that what happens to everyone? Or is she special.

The cool night air flutters into the room, surrounding her.

Teasing her, reminding her of what she’s missing.

Where she could be. Where she wants to be.

So what’s stopping her?

She slowly stands, pushes herself off the wall,

The wood floor feels cool under her bare feet.

It’s time to get a piece of life back.

She sits in the grass, feet sinking in to the softness,

Blades poking at her skin. A smile peeks at her lips.

Rain drops fall from the sky, soaking her hair,

Plopping against her skin, calming her.

She lies in the grass, letting it enclose around her body.

She opens her mouth, letting rain drop crash into her mouth,

Catching God’s tears in her mouth. She wonders,

What could God be crying about?

It’s just a moment. A simple moment. But in this moment,

She is happy. She is free. She is content. She almost forgot

What it felt like to feel like this. She missed this.

Maybe God was crying because he wanted to make her feel better,

She thinks. But little does he know, his tears are enough

To make her forget about her past, her future,

And just live in this moment.

Now, maybe God can smile, just like she is.

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