When The Time Comes

I have 24 hours to live, it’s true.

People are trying to force me out,

Have fun. Enjoy my last day

On this planet we have forced our

Existence upon.

Instead, I sit quietly in my room.

Darkness surrounds me.

Headphones plugged into my ears.

Blotting out the chaos that lies outside,

While filling myself with bliss.

I am not lonely,

I am alone.

I am not sad,

I am content.

Are you supposed to be sad,

When you know you’re dying?

Can’t you just be happy, to have lived?

I guess not.

But I am.

I am happy. I am content.

I imagine this is where I will be,

How I will sit.

When the time comes.

And that is perfectly


I do not have regrets.

I have memories.

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