She Walks

Her smile, beautiful.

Her smile, heartbreaking.

Never quite touching her eyes,

Her crystal blue eyes, gloomy.

They don’t sparkle, like they

Used to.

A rain cloud constantly hangs

Over her head. As she

Walks down the street,

Head hung low. Hands stuffed

In her pockets. Kicking up dust.

Mud sticking to the soles of her


A cool breeze tickles her pink cheeks,

Her red nose, as she walks.

Putting one leg in front of the


The simplest motion, the easiest

Thing to do in the world,

Seems like such a challenge.

Weights tied to her feet, holding

Her back,

As she trudges forward. No destination.

Dark hair tucked in her hood.

A tear threatens to break free,

And gently roll down her cheeks,

And plop on the grimy sidewalk.

As she walks. Simply walks.

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