Another Victim

Bullets pierce her soft skin,

Two through the arm,

The next in the temple.

She doesn’t yell, doesn’t scream.

Doesn’t call for her mommy.

Just falls to the ground, blood

Leaking from her, soaking the sidewalk.

A small piece of chalk falls from her

Tiny hand, as she collapses to the ground,



Eyes staring up at the sky,

Her soul already left her body,

As sirens echo from down the street.

Her mother rushes out the doors

Of their apartment complex, not

Understanding how this happened

To her little girl.

She clutches her five year old daughter

In her arms, yelling, cursing, crying.

Other kids surround the grieving mother,

Knowing this could have been them, that

Could have been their mother.

This might get a small segment on the news,

Or get glazed over completely,

And nobody will know what transpired

That day, except for the city that caused it.

She’s just another victim

From the same system

That kept her trapped there as her mother

Worked two jobs, trying to pay rent.

Now she doesn’t have anybody

Worth paying for.

She’s just another victim,

Collateral damage, from another

Drive by.

But to some, she was so much more.

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