The Little Things

Remember how the moon kept you company,

Staying up with you, rocking you to sleep.

Watching over your bedroom, lighting u[

The corners, reminding you it’s still there.

Remember the light rain, falling from heaven,

Dancing on your skin, making your hair

Stand on end, giving you the perfect

Shower as you walk to work.

Remember the light breeze, tickling

Your skin, reminding you its there, by your side,

Even if you may not always feel it.

Remember the streets lights, and how they formed

The prefect tunnel, as you raced through them,

Relishing the moment, forgetting the future,

The present, and just focusing on that moment.

Remember all the little things that make life worth

Living, make life worth fighting for, Make life precious.

As the sun sets over the hills, take the colors in,

And how they blend into each other, mesmerizing,

Captivating. And remember what makes life what it is.

We spend too much time chasing what we want life to be,

That we forget to enjoy the little things,

That make life what it is.

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