Him and Her

Tears sneak out of her eyes, as if they don’t want to be caught,
As she stares out the window, marveling in the beautiful sun rise,
And all of the colors mixing and meshing with one another,
Creating something truly unique. She wishes the colors would sweep
Her in to their world, because she doesn’t belong in this one.

He wakes up in a strange bed, in a strange room, shirtless,
No memory of last night. He rarely remembers his nights,
And his mornings are all the same. His head throbs,
Arms shake, throat feels dry, but no amount of water will
Quench his thirst. The nightstand holds the picture of a young
Girl. Somebody’s sister. Somebody’s daughter. He always feels
Guilty, but what he does is easier than dealing with what life
Has offered him. The sun shines through the window.
He wishes it would shut off. He wants the whole world
To just shut off.

She puts on her face, her smile, as she leaves the house. Ready.
Her smile hiding so much pain, not noticeable to the outside world.
Only to her.  Only to her.

He leaves the house, sipping from a beer bottle, in yesterday’s clothes.
He doesn’t bother smiling, he doesn’t smile much these days.
He doesn’t have much to smile about. Just keeps sipping.
Burning his throat as the drink trudges down his esophagus.
It’s ten in the morning.

She sits on the park bench, observing the children playing,
Wondering why she couldn’t have the childhood these kids
Seem to have. Terrified of having kids of her own, not wanting
To be responsible for anyone else’s life. It was too much for her
Parents, and will be too much for her. It’s in her genes.
So she sits here from time to time, wondering what if.

He walks through the streets, drinking from the bottle.
He finds himself at the park, missing his own child hood,
Where he played football in these fields, and climbed on the
Jungle gym. He remembers being a child, and wondering what
Turned him into the monster her has become.

She notices a man standing near the street, observing, just
Like her. Except instead of smiling, He sips from a beer bottle,
Making her crave the juice she gave up months ago.
Maybe he is like her. Yearning for more, unable to handle
All of this. All of life.

He notices a woman on the benches, long blonde hair,
Beautiful smile. But he knows that smile is not authentic.
He knows.
He used to put that same smile on his face, before wanting
The world to see who he really is. Who he has become.
Maybe they were meant to be together, or maybe they
Just happened to be in the same park on the same day.
He starts walking toward her.
Maybe it’s something more.

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