Did God make a mistake, when he

Banished us to this planet?

Does he look down at our worthless

Society, and weep, and ever so often,

Those tears flow from the heavens and

Into our world, landing as rain.

Does he weep because he expected more

From us, or because he wishes he never

Created us at all.

Maybe he should have left the Earth alone,

Or maybe he sent us here too ruin it.

Inflict our own interests, our own desires.

Soaking the grass in blood, over countless

Conflicts, countless wars.

Filling the air with lies, over worthless


Worthless desires.

As our quest for power, for money,

Rules our society, rules us as

Human beings.

And all we could do is let God cry,

Because we weren’t made to think of him.

But maybe we were, and all we end up doing

Is thinking of ourselves.

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