Just a Boy

A boy sits dead in the street,

As roaches and bugs buzz and crawl

On the corpse. Does anybody notice?

No. Just walk by, like this boy doesn’t

Exist. As if he didn’t like playing with

Action figures as a child,

Watch scary movies, as if he didn’t

Go to school, ride his bike through the streets.

Or is it because he threw himself

From the roof, took his own life.

And they think him as a coward,

Or maybe he was brave. Doing a deed

None of these worthless zombies could,

Taking himself from a world that wasn’t

Enthusiastic about his existence, a world

That didn’t make sense.

God was taking too long, so he took

Matter into his own hands.

He wasn’t filled with anger or annoyance,

Just a sad desperation. Didn’t know how to

Make the world make sense, so he removed

Himself from the equation, Leaving behind a

Mother and a father to mourn in his absence.

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