Do you feel pain, when it happens?

Because remorse fills my being, as I

Rip your soul from yours,

Allowing your memories, your fears

And your sense to overtake my own,

If only for a moment.

It is not my intention, to cause you pain,

To cause you loss,

But it is the task I have been given,

As every soul, every last breath I take

Turns my being a little bit darker.

I lost myself long ago.

I am the cause for fear, for concern

As you stare into the pits of my empty eyes,

Understanding what must be done.

All I ask is for forgiveness.

Your family will grieve, as I take away a

Piece of them as well.

All I want is forgiveness,

It  does not get easier for me,

As every soul I take causes me

To lose a piece of myself,

A piece of my own being.

All I want is forgiveness.

I just want you to understand.

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