Dead in the Street

His body lay still in the street, collecting dust.

As hours pass,

Crowds gather,

Asking for justice,

Yet others believe justice was served,

With the death of another gang banger.

He took lives,

He robbed,

He thieved,

But he bought his mama a car

Just last week,

Was at his sister’s recital

Just yesterday.

And at church every Sunday,

Praying for a life where he could quit

those things, and just focus on being


A flawed human being.

If it wasn’t him,

It would be somebody else,

Maybe he would have been the shooter

Or maybe it would have been his homies,

Dead in the street.

But today,

Right here,

Right now,

It’s his body in the street.

His family will mourn,

As his brothers pour out liquor,

Pay respects,

While the world forgets,

And accepts the inevitability

Of another young man dead,

Caught up in the streets.

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