Kicked out of her house at 18,
Needed to grow up too soon,
Parents cried with bags under
Their eyes
As they comforted each other,
Learning to live without their daughter,,
As they hope she learns, makes use of
What they taught her.

Once she returned, 10 years later,
New car, new clothes, new her
She saw in their eyes what she yearned
For her whole life,
Their daughter finally turned into
What they always knew she could

He messed up again, nothing new
But when he goes home, asks
His parents for forgiveness,
He knows they’ll accept,
But he doesn’t want their acceptance,
Or forgiveness,
But rather their agony, anger, pain,
Anything but the kindness he doesn’t deserve

From that day forward, after that conversation,
He promised himself he would go in the world
And come back a different person.
More disciplined
And he would come home one day,
Not to ask forgiveness,
But to tell his parents of his accomplishments,
And he would see pride in their eyes.
He never wanted to have to apologize again.
Never wanted to ask for forgiveness,
At this point, their acceptances held no meaning

All they had was each other,
Dad out of the picture,
Mom strung out,
Spending rent money on
Powder for her nostrils to swallow.
All they had was each other,
A big brother protecting his young sister
From the terrors of the world,
And the trouble at home.
While he slung weight on the side,
Buying her gifts,
Buying her food
While keeping a roof over their heads,
And school on the side.

He doesn’t hate his mother, he understands her
Last night she cried,
In the morning she fed her habit,
She hugged her son, Asked him for forgiveness,
While his sister was in the other room,
He accepted, because he understood
She isn’t a bad person,
Just dealt a bad hand,
And she wishes her life was different,
So she feeds her nose
Feeds her lungs,
Making it so.

Her daughter climbed into her mother’s bed,
Wrapped in her arms,
She smelled her daughter’s hair,
Cradled her small frame against her,
Wept tears into her back,
And asked her for forgiveness,
Understanding the type of mother she was,
But she will feed her habit in the morning.
And all she wants tonight, is to hold her daughter,
And hope that she accepts.

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