The Dichotomy Between Love and Loss

He lives his days in isolation,
Knowing what getting close
To another soul will do
To his own,

Even though he broke her heart,
Left her in the rear view as he
Moved on,
She occupies a home in his head,
Rent free,
Simply providing him company..

He lives his life like it’s a fact,
Or maybe a selfish act,
Saving his own pain
His own grief,
Saving himself
From the inevitable pain
Life will bring.

Because that’s what happens
When we feel connected.

All that’s left is the pain
That will follow

As the power of loss, sorrow
Bears more weight
Than what it feels like
To love,
To feel,
To care
for another.

But when he turned her away,
He failed to understand,
How he made her bear the burden
Of both love and loss,

And maybe he bears the burden
Of both as well.

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