Value of Life

Another man dead, unarmed,
In the hands of authority;
Three students murdered,
Point blank to the head
One for his complexion
The others for the way they pray
Executed all the same

A woman raped and killed, lynched
For critiquing a religion
They themselves fail to follow

They hear them coming,
A whistle in the distance
Before a thundering entrance
Dropping death as they pass
Courtesy of a man in a room
No connection to those
He kills.
Once full of life,
Now ash in the sand

The inner city is a war zone
Kill or be killed

Another school,
Riddled with bullets,
Blood soaks the floors
Screams echo through
The hallways.

Tragedy today
Forgotten tomorrow.

If life is so valuable,
Why do we act as if
It’s worthless
Until that worth is
Attributed to us

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