Another Attack

Pushes a button,
A village goes up in

Foreign to him,
Detached from his

Sips on coffee,
Talks to his family
As he takes a child
Away from his

Is he searching for
The bad guys?
Or becoming one

The boy, playing in the street
In a foreign land, of animals
As far as he’s concerned

Innocent eyes, seen too much
As he just wants to play
Without worrying about running
When he hears the booming
Sound of death

But escape is inevitable,
Burn down another village,
Kill another child
No consequences, no guilt

He doesn’t have to look
His victims in the eyes
As he continues to take
More and more lives

The boy lying face down,
In paradise, no more worry
No more sorrow,
As his father grieves
Mother cries

Just the everyday cycle
Of those living in fear
From the ones ruling their country

And despair
From those ruining it

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