Darkness Within

The first thing you need to know
Is that I no longer have a soul.
Not in the traditional sense,
As I surround myself in darkness,
Waiting for It to end.

Did God get tired of his mistake
And simply retract his gift?

Or maybe as life went on,
The light inside me grew dim
Until it finally went dark

Maybe that’s all it is.
A fused lightbulb.
Needs to be changed.
So simple.

But maybe I have grown accustomed
To the darkness I encompass,
And live everyday
Trying to hold on to it

Or maybe I have gone so long
Without light,
I have forgotten
How to miss it.

I have no soul.
No light.
Just dark.
Not sad.
Just fact.

You love,
You cry,
You laugh,
You live.

I am numb, cold
Already dead,
Waiting for my brain to catch up
With my heart that started it all.

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